Death is an unfortunate fact of life that most don’t want to think about. It is also something that is even worse to live through. During this period of mourning there is nothing worse than having to deal with the daunting and complex task of winding up a deceased estate.


An estate includes everything you own (real property or personal property) as well as any liabilities. If you are married in community of property, you and your spouse each own half of an undivided joint estate. It cannot be separated. If you have a Will you can direct how your assets are to be distributed among particular beneficiaries.


We strive to protect and grow the assets and wealth of our clients in the unfortunate event of death. We will continue to protect and grow the inheritance of our clients' loved ones thereby ensuring the wealth and legacy of the next generation.

All our offices are closed until 3 May 2020 (or as determined by the President of RSA) because of the National lockdown, which came into effect at midnight on 26 March 2020.

It is business as usual at Legatus Trust, except for certain aspects which are affected due to dependence on the Master’s office, Deeds office and other businesses that are not operational. Personnel who are able to, are operating remotely, but some have limited or no access to e-mails during this time. Please keep in mind that access to physical files in our offices are also not possible during this time.

We can be contacted on the following numbers, should the need arise:

JHB: 010 210 5200 / 086 172 2626
CPT: 021 914 4924/5

Please be assured of our total dedication during these unusual circumstances. We will always try our best to be of service to you.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy. #FlattenTheCurve


A Will should be duly signed by the testator and two independent witnesses. However, in abnormal circumstances like the national lockdown due to COVID-19, it will depend on a court to declare the Will valid or not, should it not meet the normal requirements. During this time, keep the signed Will in safe custody until our offices are open again and then ensure that the original is couriered or delivered for safe keeping.  Read more on Wills.

Should you need funds for a funeral, contact the deceased’s bank and request them to release funds for the funeral in terms of section 7(b)(1) and 11(1)(b) of the Estates Administration Act 66 of 1966. Should they refuse, contact your nearest Master’s office. Read more on deceased estates.


The 1917 BOARD OF EXECUTORS AND TRUST Co (Pty) Ltd ("BOE1917")
Please note the following regarding The 1917 BOARD OF EXECUTORS AND TRUST Co (Pty) Ltd (“BOE1917”): 

  • The BOE1917 trust and executor licence has been sold effective end August 2020. 
  • All Wills where BOE1917 was nominated as executor prior to end August 2020 will still be valid and will be administered by Legatus Trust (Pty) Ltd via a Power of Attorney.
  • Any updates to existing Wills where BOE1917 was nominated as executor will be done by Legatus Trust (Pty) Ltd.
  • Any new Wills required will be updated with Legatus Trust (Pty) Ltd as the executor.
  • All testamentary trusts emanating from Wills where BOE1917 was nominated as executor will be administered by Legatus Trust (Pty) Ltd as trustee.
For any queries on Wills where BOE1917 was nominated as executor or any other questions please send an email to info@legatus.co.za

Legatus Trust - Who Are We?
"Legatus" is Latin for legacy or inheritance and defines the core business of Legatus Trust. Legatus Trust was established in 1992 and was born out of the need in the marketplace for an independent company to render fiduciary services to clients in all segments of the market.

Legatus Trust is a fully licensed, independent trust company dedicated to providing you with a full array of fiduciary services. Whether it is a Will you need, your estate to be planned through a Broker, a deceased estate to be administered or a Trust to be formed and/or managed, we can help you. Apart from rendering these services, we can also assist and advise you and your clients on any of these matters.

Today Legatus Trust is a well-respected authority on the drafting of Wills and rendering of fiduciary services throughout South Africa. Many brokers are registered intermediaries with Legatus Trust, using our expertise, advice and services which offer complete peace of mind to their clients.

The Ultimate Solution in Asset Protection

When faced with the idea of drafting a Will, many people are ignorant. You needn’t be. When it comes to making sure that your assets are left in the right hands, Legatus Trust offers you peace of mind, through a series of easy steps, enabling you to draw up a legally watertight Will. Whether you are acting in your private capacity or you are a professional consultant acting on behalf of a client, Legatus Trust offers the ultimate in asset protection. To apply for a Will online, click here. If you would like someone to contact and give you advice instead, fill out the following form.

Saambou Board Of Executors Ltd

Legatus Trust (Pty) Ltd has performed all fiduciary functions of Saambou Board of Executors Ltd since 1993 under the name of Saambou Board of Executors Ltd.

Legatus Trust (Pty) Ltd has, since 2003, been the sole shareholder of Saambou Board of Executors Ltd and accordingly owns the Company. The Board of Executors Licence held by Saambou Board of Executors Ltd is retained within the company and thus is held by Legatus Trust (Pty) Ltd.

All the Wills in which any of the following are the nominated Executor and/or Trustee



remain in Saambou Board of Executors Ltd and the office as Executor and/or Trustee shall be taken up by the duly authorised nominee of Saambou Board of Executors Ltd.

The Wills in which any of the above mentioned companies is the nominated Executor and/or Trustee are still valid and all deceased estates reported from such Wills must be forwarded to Legatus Trust (Pty) Ltd. Click here to view the letter from the Receiver for Scheme Creditors as issued in 2003.

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