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Newsletter 1

Newsletter 1

Dear Colleague
LEGATUS TRUST is proud to introduce the first edition of our newsletter, The LEGATUS Times.
Knowing how busy your schedules are and how full your inboxes can become, we strive to include short, relevant items of interest to you.
Please feel free to inform us if there are any specific topics you would like us to address in this newsletter.  We will try our best to accommodate your requests. 
Please send all general enquiries to
Happy marketing!
Read more in our next edition!

Peter was married, but unfortunately got divorced.  Out of this marriage, two children were born.  Then Peter met Anne, fell in love and re-married.  The two love birds married in community of property.  Anne was the proud owner of a house that was fully paid for.  They decided to renovate a little and make some alterations to their home.  Anne took out a new bond on the house.  Then suddenly Peter died, without a will (intestate)!

The result:  According to the Intestate Succession Act No 81 of 1987, Peter’s two children from his previous marriage inherited a portion of Anne’s property, for which she paid.
This is real life experiences that occur quite frequently because of a lack of preparation for life changing events.  Do not be caught unprepared!
The moral of the story:  DO NOT DIE WITHOUT A VALID WILL!

With the holiday season at hand, it is especially important to ensure that your clients at least have Wills.  Alternatively get existing Wills updated periodically to cater for changes in circumstances.  Remember to send all originally signed Wills to Legatus Trust for safekeeping.
As you already know, Legatus Trust provides the following services:
-          Wills, Trusts and Deceased Estate services.
PLEASE NOTE:  Legatus Trust does not charge for the drafting of Wills where we are the nominated Executor.  We do not draft Wills where we are not the nominated Executor or Co-Executor.  We also do not charge for the safekeeping of Legatus Trust Wills.
Access the Legatus Trust website at  There you can read more about the services we provide as well as the contact details for the relevant servicing offices.  A Will Application Form has been uploaded under “Services” – “Wills” for your convenience and can be printed from the website.  All necessary forms for reporting of estates have been uploaded under “Services” – “Deceased Estates”.  Please note that we are currently in the process of updating the website.
Please forward all will applications, completed on the approved application form, to your relevant servicing office.  Should Dawie Roux be your marketer, please forward will applications directly to
If a signed will cannot be delivered to Legatus’s offices or cannot be collected, please post all signed wills via registered mail to your servicing office and furnish us with a trace number.
Please note the importance of returning the signed wills as soon as possible in order to file them in safe custody.  If a client looses/misplaces an originally signed will and the additional originally signed will was not returned for safe keeping, the deceased does not have a valid will with Legatus Trust.  The estate will be administered as intestate.  That can complicate the liquidation of the estate and cause unnecessary heartache to their loved ones.
With only two months left of this year, grab every opportunity to get the most out of every moment!

Until next time.
“The Legatus Times Team

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